This SCR describes new bundles and an API extension of the OX Server 6:

UWA widgets can be defined either in backend configuration files or individually by users for their account. Context specific UWA widgets will, at a later time, be definable via the RMI/SOAP/CLT APIs.

An UWA Widget consists of:

- A URL from where to fetch the widget
- A title which is displayed in the portal
- A boolean indicating whether the widget is capable of running in standalone mode (i.e. embedded in an iFrame)
- A boolean indicating whteher a widget is currently displayed in the frontend (visible)
- A boolean indicating whether a widgets autorefreshes itself (not used currently)
- An arbitrary key-value map of parameters for the widget
- An arbitrary JSON object (adj) used by clients for positioning information
- A boolean indicating whether a widget is protected, meaning only the positioning information may be updated by clients

Server side uwa widgets are configured in a .yml file containing the definition of the predefined widgets.


Consider two .yml files with their respective sets of widgets, freeEditionWidgets.yml for free webmail customers and premiumWidgets.yml for paying customers:

----- snip -----
autorefresh: true
parameter: {customerType: