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    Nildur Guest

    Default open-xchange-admin crash

    Hi all,

    I am following the installation guide for Hyperion at http://www.open-xchange.com/wiki/ind...e_Installation.

    I have successfully compiled Open-Xchange and open-xchange-admin. Actually, I am on "V.2. Open-Xchange Admindaemon Installation", according to this step, I have to call the startup script:

    & /etc/init.d/open-xchange-admin start
    And it runs without problems, but 30 seconds later, the daemon exits without warning. I found out it because I had having problems with oxinstaller(same as this one), and then I kept watch on the daemon.

    I have been searching on syslog and open-xchange-admin.log.0, but there is no clue about the exit of the daemon.

    Any help is appreciated.

    P.S: I am using Debian Etch.

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    Nildur Guest



    I thought that if there is any problem with libraries, I would recieve a warning at building, but now I know that isn't true...

    The problem was concurrent.jar. I re-compiled it, open-xchange and open-xchange-admin after too, and now it works.


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