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    Default Open-Xchange releases Data Migration Tool OX5 to OX6 v.1.3 (for v.6.18.2)

    Open-Xchange releases Data Migration Tool OX5 to OX6 v.1.3 (for v.6.18.2)

    Open-Xchange announces new data migration tools to easily switch to the latest generation, Open-Xchange Server 6.

    Open-Xchange releases new tools to migrate from OX 5 to OX Server Edition family for Open-Xchange v.6.18.2. Open-Xchange will provide a new version of Open-Xchange Server 5 to Open-Xchange Advanced Server Edition later in Q2 2011.

    The new version provides the following:
    • Significantly faster export of the OX5 data, a known bottleneck until now
    • More transparency what data was (and was not) successfully transferred during reporting
    • More detailed documentation including all steps needed to set up the migration system
    • General stability improvements (provided, as always, the tools are used as documented)

    The complete Release Notes can be found here:

    The new Data Migration Tools are available to all clients and partners with valid maintenance subscription at no cost. Additional professional support offerings are available as well. more information, please visit http://www.open-xchange.com/en/migration-en

    How to order the free Data Migration Tool?

    Please fill out the request form at: http://www.open-xchange.com/en/migration-ox5-oxse-en to order the free Data Migration Tool OX5 to OX6
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