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    Andrew Orlov Guest

    Default Upgrade from OX-0.8.2


    How about upgrade from 0.8.2 to Hyperion? Is it possible? I have not found anything in WiKi... Suppose, a lot of people worry about it.

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    neo Guest


    At the moment it is not possible to export and import all the stuff in an easy way.

    But what you can try to do is to use a client like outlook or kontact to have all your settings available locally and import them to the new generation of OX.

    Well, this is only for one user and for all settings. And you have to keep in mind that all the stuff is not available in the new version like forum, projects and so on but these are on schedule as you can see in the roadmap.

    When time arrives I'm sure there will be a How-To to migrate.


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