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    Question different imap server

    Can I use the createuser --imapserver --smtpserver to specify a different mailserver for the account to "point" to ? their real mail account is currently on an imap server and will stay there. The user will simply connect to the open-xchange server and use that server but in the background it will synchronize their mail with the actual different imap and smtp server?

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    Absolutely. You can define any remote or local IMAP/SMTP server as the primary mail account. Later, the user can also add more IMAP or POP3 accounts to its account and manage them from the same interface. OX does integrate well with many popular 3rd party services and does not require modification to existing e-mail infrastructure. You can look at it as an add-on service on top of your E-Mail infrastructure, not as a mail server replacement. Switching to another mail account/server is possible at all time.

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