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    Default Open-Xchange releases OXtender for SyncML

    Open-Xchange releases OXtender for SyncML

    The Open-Xchange OXtender for SyncML extends the power of Smart Collaboration™ to users of hundreds of types of mobile devices offered by major device manufacturers. SyncML enabled devices can update users personal contact information over the air.

    Without any additional software, the OXtender ensures seamless connection and interface between Open-Xchange and common mobile phones. SyncML is the platform-independent information synchronization standard that drives data mobility by establishing a common language for communications between devices, applications and networks. The OXtender for SyncML is a server-side plugin based on the Open-Xchange USM synchronization framework. Synchronizing contacts from the personal contact folder is supported.

    Features and benefits of OXtender for SyncML:
    • Based on open SyncML standard
    • Supported by hundreds of devices, not only Smart phones
    • All SyncML, most Symbian devices
    • User personal contact data always synchronized with Open-Xchange and manageable anywhere via mobile phone
    • Mail with device client
    • Poll, not Push

    Any Open-Xchange user of the on-premise or hosted version can use the OXtender for SyncML without additional charges. The offering is part of the Open-Xchange Server Edition or Open-Xchange Hosting Edition.

    For more information, please visit

    Shipped Packages:
    File name: open-xchange-syncml_6.20.0.0-7_all
    When reporting bugs, please include the version number in your bug report.
    Product: OXtender 2 for SyncML

    Release Notes:

    Open-Xchange provides some information for your successful installation on a special Open-Xchange OXpedia website. Please follow the link:
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