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    Default MySQL Clustering and NBD support.

    Dear OX-Community (and staff),

    At the university of Leiden (Netherlands) we are nearing the point of choosing for Open-Xchange as the mail solution for ALL students, guests and employees. Because we have a rather large user population we like to use a MySQL clustered back-end. This is not really a problem but there is one unanswered question:

    "Is the MySQL NBD-engine supported by Open-Xchange?"

    more precise: "Besides the fact that it (might) work(s), is it officially supported by Open-Xchange. If we need commercial support, we do not like unpleasant surprises!"

    Kind regards,

    Robert Nagtegaal.
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    Dear Robert,

    sent you an email a second ago.

    mySQL NBD cluster had some limitations in the past making it unusable for us, these issues are fixed by Oracle team and the NBD cluster is on our actual testing matrix, now.

    More in the email,



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