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    ChristianKnorr Guest

    Default KDE Kontact can't see new contacts in public folger.

    I've installed ox (build 6213) from the last german linuxuser magazine 09/2007 into a xen-vm.
    The installation works fine, and the vm have a own ip-adress.
    The connect from KDE's kontact (Kadressbook) was also not a problem.
    But, the public folder, contains only the 3 contacts, which are created since installation (My own user, admin, postmaster).
    I've moved any family related contacts from the personel, into the public folder with kontact. It was not a problem.
    I can see the changes in the webinterface.
    Btw: all connection I make and I stored in kontact are https.
    These moved contacts are not visible in kontact, and I can't find out the reason.
    I tested these mistake with another PC, because I thought my kontact are only looking in his cache.
    In public folder are only visible these 3 contact, not more.
    Any ideas?

    Thank you, Chris.....

    P.s. I rebooted the maschine. No changes. Kontact aren't able to see more than the 3 contacts.
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    ChristianKnorr Guest


    Hmm, nobody ideas?
    Is it possible at you to move contacts from private to public from a mailclient?


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