we have some strange problem with reappearances of deleted calendars.

The secretary has created an calendar for her boss to try out some functions. After finishing her tests, she deleted the calendar. Since then the calender reappears every time she logs on into the open xchange web frontend.

After some debugging, we found out, that there is a some quit fishy table entry in the virtualTree table of the open xchange Database which links the secretary to the reappearing calendar. After deleting this entry by hand in the db the calendar stops to reappear. (testsystem)

INSERT INTO `virtualTree` (`cid`, `tree`, `user`, `folderId`, `parentId`, `name`, `lastModified`, `modifiedBy`, `shadow`) VALUES (1, 1, 119, 'default0/INBOX.New folder', '1', 'New folder', 1314028861134, 119, ''),
(1, 1, 649, '2803', '2302', 'Testordner', NULL, NULL, '');

Is it safe to simply delete this entry on the productive system, or will everything go nuts afterwards ??

Kind Regards,