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    Sep 2011

    Default Open-Xchange 1&1 Webmail - Message Source or Headers Possible

    Hi Guys

    My first time here...I'm using Open-Xchange 1&1 Webmail and I'm trying to trace which IP address a particular email was sent to me from.

    Is there any way that I could obtain Message Source or Message Details using Open-Xchange 1&1 Webmail?

    The sender claims to have been out of the United Kingdom when they sent the email but I'm trying to, hopefully, prove that they sent this specific email to me from an IP address still in the United Kingdom.

    Any thoughts or tips would be dearly appreciated.

    Warm regards

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    Sep 2011


    Found 'Show Source'. I right-clicked on the 'time' and found the Show Source option.


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