# How do I use this?

The change introduces the property com.openexchange.admin.user.defaultLanguage. If you want to configure a server-wide default language, just specify that property in the file /opt/open-xchange/etc/admin/User.properties:


If you want to configure this for a new context or an existing context, set the dynamic property config/com.openexchange.admin.user.defaultLanguage

Example for CLT:
createcontext/changecontext ... --config/com.openexchange.admin.user.defaultLanguage=...

This can also be configured for contextSets, I refer you to our online documentation about the config cascade.

# What needs to happen in packaging and configuration files

The bundles com.openexchange.config.cascade, com.openexchange.config.cascade.user, com.openexchange.config.cascade.context need to be installed and started with the admin daemon.

A property is added to system.properties of the admin daemon:
# The scopes to use in the config cascade, and their precedence
com.openexchange.config.cascade.scopes=user, context, contextSets, server

A commented out property is added to User.properties:
# The default language to use for new users
# com.openexchange.admin.user.defaultLanguage=en_US