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    Default Appointment conflicts are not detected


    EDIT: It was user error. I used past dates for appointments and OX does not check for conflicts in past dates. With future dates everything worked as expected.

    First of all, I'm new to Open-Xchange. I tried to search all possible places for solution (Bugzilla, this forum, web-pages in general) but did not see this problem mentioned.

    I used both Community Edition (6.20 rev 8) and public demo site (6.20 rev 35) and I had same problem.

    When I created conflicting appointment (second appointment) for the same time I did not get conflict notification. Both appointments had type "reserved", I tried several things (tasks created by same user, by different users, in same calendar, different calendars) but I did not get warning.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there some kind of configuration option for this function? Is there a bug?

    The recent bugs (from 2010 onwards) seem to be hidden, so I cannot be sure that this problem is not reported before.

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