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    Default Trouble with Oxtender and Strato Communicator 4

    Hi all,

    first of all: I'm happy that there seems to be a solution to sync my Thunderbird with OX. So thanks for all your work!!

    I have the most recent Thunderbird/Lightning/Oxtender version:

    Thunderbird 10.0
    Lightning 1.2.1

    My Open-Xchange ist the new Strato Communicator 4.0 which is an Open-Xchange
    GUI Version: 6.20.0 Rev36
    Server Version: 6.20.0-Rev36

    The OXtender system check says "System check succesful" - but nothing syncronises, neither adresses nor appointments.

    An interesting entry in the log file says:

    [JavaScript Warning: "folder response doesn't return data. Check json response: {"category":4,"error_params":[],"error":"Your session was invalidated. Please try again.","error_id":"-1155523215-5561265","code":"SES-0206"}"]

    hmmm ..... a websearch for "SES-0206" gives some input from this forum:
    where Martin Braun (open-Xchange officiall??) states that that the session handler behavior has been changed in 6.18 ...

    Does OXtender for Thunderbird only work with open-Xchange prior to 6.18?

    Any ideas?
    thanks & regards,

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    I read https://forum.open-xchange.com/showt...Kalenderordner and tried that hint (using a fresh installed VMWare with Thunderbird) and that worked.

    So I deleted all calendars and all adressbooks in my existing Thunderbird installation and that worked as well.

    Thanks for the OXtender, it is a great piece of code!!



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