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    Default Open-Xchange Mobile Web App renamed and updated to Mobile Web Interface v.1.1

    Open-Xchange Mobile Web App renamed and updated to Mobile Web Interface v.1.1

    With the new version 1.1, we will change the name of Open-Xchange Mobile Web App to Open-Xchange Mobile Web Interface.

    Open-Xchange Mobile Web Interface gives smartphone users online and offline access to appointments, emails and contacts while on the road. The Open-Xchange Mobile Web Interface continues to be part of the Open-Xchange Server Edition, Open-Xchange Web Edition offering and is additional available for Open-Xchange Hosting Edition. Customers are entitled to update to the latest version of Open-Xchange Mobile Web Interface at any time with no additional cost.

    Open-Xchange Mobile Web Interface v1.1 provides users with various new features and improvements including:
    • Complete new user interface
    • All contacts, appointments, mail headers and mails, which are opened once, are available offline
    • Access to all Open-Xchange private mail folders
    • Creation, answer, forward, delete and move E-Mails
    • Mail attachments (Attachment handling/support is defined by mobile device)
    • Access to all Open-Xchange contact folders and contacts with details
    • Multi edit for mails
    • Draft support for mails
    • Fast contact adding in mail compose via autocomplete and address book

    Shipped packages and version:
    • open-xchange-mobile-config_1.1.0
    • open-xchange-mobile-theme-default_1.1.0
    • open-xchange-mobile_1.1.0

    To report bugs, please include the version number in your bug report https://bugs.open-xchange.com/
    Product: Mobile Web Interface

    A detailed description of all packages and features can be found in the Release Notes: http://software.open-xchange.com/OX6...2012-04-03.pdf

    Download, Installation, Upgrade and Configuration
    Open-Xchange provides some information for your successful installation, upgrade and configuration on a special Open-Xchange OXpedia website. Please follow the link: http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti..._Web_Interface
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