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    mayank Guest

    Default another OX problem

    hi everyone...
    consider this scenario :

    suppose I've created 3 OX users A,B and C, initially. I've created shared objects in their respective Public folders and able to share b/w all 3 users..
    Suppose I've added A's Calendar in B, C's tasks in A, etc.

    Now Problem :
    Suppose I've added 2 more users, X and Y.
    Now If i change the permissions of A/B/C to add users X/Y or both, It's not able to save those changes.

    does anybody knows what is happening ?? am i missing sth here or it's some kind of OX drawback ???

    waiting for any +ve response !!

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    Feb 2007
    Olpe, Germany


    Any errors in the logs and/or the webfrontend?


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