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    Default Problem with sync between iPhone and OX regarding Mails


    one of our users reported a problem with his mail sync. Since today he first tried to delete mails, but they still appeared on the iPhone, then he deleted again and they disapperead. Soon later they sowed up again and trying to delete them lead to an error, that they could not be deleted, because they are already deleted.

    Meanwhile he also has problems to simply connect.

    Looking into the logs, there is nothing weird, the only line I see is:
    Requested mail could not be found. Most likely this is caused by concurrent access of multiple clients while one performed a delete on affected mail.

    I asked him, if he uses more than one client, but he denied it.

    So any hints to track this problem? Or even solutions?

    The user rebootet his iPhone again and it seems to work now. Testmails were synced well. The first reboot this morning didn't change anything.

    He also uses outlook, but this connects directly to our mailserver like all our users do it with Thunderbird.

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