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    Default Open-Xchange releases OX Connector for WHMCS v1.0

    Open-Xchange releases OX Connector for WHMCS v1.0

    Integration of OX App Suite with WHMCS/cPanel makes the deployment of OX App Suite simple for service providers and their customers. Web hosters can easily replace their existing webmail system on WHMCS/cPanel and provide customers a state-of-the-art, web based user interface with the benefits of a best in class, full-featured mobile web application optimized for smartphones!

    The combination of OX App Suite, the provisioning of cPanel and the billing system WHMCS provides the perfect package for cPanel Hosting Provider and Reseller

    The complete cPanel Solution for OX App Suite:
    • OX Connector for WHMCS: WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. With WHMCS it is possible to create billing pages, create/delete/suspend accounts, etc.
    • OX Connector for cPanel: cPanel Integration enables service providers to easily deploy Open-Xchange business-class email and collaboration via cPanel, enabling you to offer advanced email and teamwork capabilities.

    Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX Connector for WHMCS v1.0 with the following main functionalities:
    • Create a billing page/order form for customers to buy OX services as part of a bundle plan with the regular hosting services or as an add-on sale with choice of OX service levels
    • Create Account To create an OX account based on the service level selected by the customer
    • Delete Account To delete an OX account from active subscription
    • Suspend Account To suspend an OX account, pending re-activation.
    • Re-Enable Account To restore/reactivate suspended OX accounts.
    • Upgrade Service To upgrade an OX services like addition mail accounts etc.
    • Downgrade Service To downgrade services already provided to the customer based on the new plan chosen by the customer.

    For more details and screenshots see http://shift-up-a-gear.com/.

    If a new cPanel Hosting Provider or Reseller wants to evaluate OX App Suite and the WHMCS & cPanel integration, the first step is to contact OX Sales. OX Sales will work on the request to send prices and license key to customer.

    Shipped Packages:
    • OX Connector for WHMCS Version 1.0.0-Rev 2 (built 2013-08-27)

    Complete Release Notes:

    For OX Connector for WHMCS v1.0 download and installation please follow the instructions given at http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti...allation_Guide.
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