Scalability problems bound to the long-polling based communication of the atmosphere framework in combination with apache and grizzly forced us to move to a frequent polling based communication approach.

- The needed communication functionality is now delivered via four AJAX actions handling requests bound to the api/rt namespace.

- We removed the atmosphere framework that was the dependency for the AtmosphereService which allowed us to mount the previously used request handlers into the url namespace at realtime/atmosphere/rt

- The old bundle com.openexchange.realtime.atmosphere is replaced with the new bundle com.openexchange.realtime.json.

- The old package open-xchange-realtime-atmopshere is replaced with the new package open-xchange-realtime-json. The new open-xchange-realtime-json conflicts with the old open-xchange-realtime-atmopshere so open-xchange-realtime-atmosphere has to be removed during an update from prior versions.

- There are no configuration changes introduced by the removal/addition of the mentioned packages