I am using "outlook 2010" and oxtender2. I have the feeling the my computer does not index my current e-mails, which are stored in ...appdata\local\ostore2\....psz .
If I select a contact, no "activity" is displayed (below the contact). If I select, in the contact window, "all elements" or "e-mail" only the emails from my archive are displayed.
These are the data-files associated with my profile:

Here are my questions:
1. Is something wrong, because it says "not available" for the personal folder (see image above) or is that normal, if I use oxtender2?
2. If it is not normal, how can I resolve this issue?
3. Is ist possible to use the indexing with oxtender 2 or is that simply not supported?

I hope I explained my issue correctly.

Thanks for your help!