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    Default oxTender2 for private using


    I have installed fiew days ago an own oXchange server for private using. I want to share my calender, tasks and so on with other persons by using Outlook 2007 client.

    Now what my question is: Everywhere I read, that I need a license to install / activate this feature.
    1) Do I have to buy a licnense although I am using it as private user (not business)
    2) Do I have to install also a Server component in order to be able to use oXtender?

    Thanks a lot for your help in before!

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    Is nobody here who knows that? I would be very thankful for any answer.

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    I do not own / use oxTender2. Threrefore I can only offer heresay:

    according to Oxpedia you need a valid license.

    As far as I know the server component of oxtender offers a download ability for the oxTender2 via the web interface. So strictly speaking, no you do not need it. oxTender2 itself uses the ajax interface / http api.

    If oxtender is not suitable, there are connectors implementing caldav / carddav (calendar & contacts) for outlook. However, I do not know how well this combination performs.

    Another option may be to use a newer version of outlook and utilizing the activesync protocol. Z-Push-OX implements basic activesync capabilities for openxchange. Disclaimer: I am one of the devs of Z-Push-OX so this may be considered as an advertisement.

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