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    Default After initial synching on Outlook 2007 emails trickle to a stop


    Recently OX has stopped synching emails after an initial good start. On Outlook 2007 start up all emails come through and everything seems to synch fine but after an hour or two all emails stop. My phone though is synched with my 123 reg server and I still receive emails so implies an issue with OX.

    There is no error notification, just no emails? If i close outlook and open it again I get mail.

    I did upgrade a couple of weeks ago but may be a red herring?

    In truth I did have synch issues before but got plenty of error message, assumed was down to having quite a large mail structure, i simplified mail structure and donít get synch errors but as I upgraded same time as simplifying mail structure hard to pin point cause.

    I have removed all Outlook profiles and created a new one but still get issues.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Just a quick update...........

    It seems that there is a max number of 'items' you can have in each folder. I had thousands in sent folder, deleted half of them and started to synch again.

    Dont know exact number as can't find web page again but think was about 6000 (or was it 3500). Reducing amount helped though.


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