Missing support to drop a capability from storage once either added or removed to/from a certain context/user.

Both CLIs changecontext and changeuser were therefore enhanced by option capabilities-to-drop.

-h,--help Prints a help text
--environment Show info about commandline environment
--nonl Remove all newlines (\n) from output
--extendedoptions Set this if you want to see all options, use this instead of help option
-c,--contextid <contextid> * The id of the context
-A,--adminuser <adminuser> ? Admin username
-P,--adminpass <adminpass> ? Admin password
-i,--userid <userid> | Id of the user
-u,--username <username> | Username of the user
-d,--displayname <displayname> Display name of the user
-g,--givenname <givenname> Given name for the user
-s,--surname <surname> Sur name for the user
-p,--password <password> Password for the user
-e,--email <email> Primary mail address
-l,--language <language> Language for the user (de_DE,en_US)
-t,--timezone <timezone> Timezone of the user (Europe/Berlin)
-x,--department <department> Department of the user
-z,--company <company> Company of the user
-a,--aliases <aliases> Comma separated list of the email aliases of the user
--access-combination-name <access-combination-name> Access combination name
--capabilities-to-add <capabilities-to-add> The capabilities to add as a comma-separated string; e.g. portal,