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    jennix Guest

    Default Migrating from OX:EE to Hyperion?

    Hi all,

    some days ago i've installed OX:EE and now its filled with data (this was much harder than the installation ). Today i set up a new VM with debian etch, and installed Hyperion with the community-installer (works flawlessly except some little quirks). And Hyperion "smells much better" to me, so i want to have my data there. Two ideas are coming to my mind:

    1. Updating the old dapper and OX:EE with the community-installer
    2. Making a SQL-Dump in OX:EE's dapper and read it back in etch

    Which one is better? Or its the third, which i'm not thinking of?

    regards, Jens

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    jennix Guest


    no idea?

    regards, Jens

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    Feb 2007


    Hi Jens,

    well, you could simply try to copy the database 1:1 to the Hyperion box. But you'll also need to "migrate" the mailserver and configuration files.


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    jennix Guest


    Thanks. Tried a third way. Installed Funambol at Etch (with great help of your wiki-article, thx) and synced it via Outlook.

    regards, Jens


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