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    Gertjan Guest

    Default Error 503, OpenSUSE 10.3 and the community installer

    I am trying to install OX on an OpenSUSE 10.3 box. To do so, I used a modified community installer. But after initializing the database, the installer gives an error:
    user in context 1 could not be created:
    Server response:
     com.openexchange.admin.plugins.PluginException: com.openexchange.admin.rmi.exceptions.OXUserIMAPException: javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: Login failed: authentication failure
    I tried to search for other people with the same problem. I did find them, but I couldn't find a solution.

    The script I used can be found on my website
    It is a slightly modified version of the hyperion-opensuse_102 script made by Martin Braun.
    (e.g.: java-1.5.0 is java-1.6.0 now, jaf is gnu-jaf, jdom-1.1 added, cvs set to bf_6_4)

    (Feel free to use this script, but keep in mind I'm not a developer or whatsoever.)
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    Feb 2007



    this seems to be related to the authentication of the IMAP Server against the database. You should also take a look at the checked out repositories, i did not update the suse installer lately but i'll take a look at this soon. Anyway - taking the debian installer as reference may show up some changes at the meantime.
    Last edited by Martin Heiland; 11-27-2007 at 01:16 PM.

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    Gertjan Guest


    Thanks for the reply. I tested the same script on a fresh OpenSUSE 10.3 box and it is working perfect! It will be the root mysql password, I suppose.

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    Gertjan Guest


    Update: it had to do with two files: /lib/security/pam_mysql.so and /lib/security/pam_mysql.la. On 64-bit systems, they have to be copied to /lib64/security.


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