The client is able to define the size of mail content returned for the mail related request 'get', 'forward', 'reply' and 'replyall'.

Behaviour by providing 'max_size'
- max_size < 10000: content will be trimmed around 10000 characters.
- max_size >= 10000 this value will be used for trimming the content.
- If max_size is not provided the whole content of the mail will be returned.

The max_size parameter is just a rough value because
- HTML mails will be trimmed at the provided value but all at this point open tags will be closed.
- Text mails will be trimmed after the current sentence.

The response will tell the client (by providing truncated:true/false) if the content was trimmed so that the client is able to deal with it (e. g. ask for the whole content).