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    skipjack Guest

    Question [Question] Which things must be enclosed by a Backup of the OX Hyperion Server?

    Hello people,

    can someone tell which Folders and Files I musst enclosed to a Backup? And where they stored?

    The following things are sure:

    mysql DB Dump
    Postfix / Sieve / Cyrus Backup
    /etc/ Backup

    But where are the Infostore?

    Is there anything else what I must enclose to my backup?

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    Feb 2007


    Depends where you installed the OX stuff, which daemons you use, how the daemons are configured, ...

    Regarding the filespool have a look at /var/opt/open-xchange.

    Second important question is the usecase of your backup. Should it be a backup that can be used for desaster recovery / bare metal restore or do you want to backup only the production data?


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    skipjack Guest


    I want to create only a "production data" Backup. That's enough for me!
    The System is a default-Template XEN Virtual Machine, which will be cloned after a crash. Then I reinstall the OX, and refilling the services with the data's.

    Greets Tobi


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