Add under exisiting explanation regarding enabling SSL
com.openexchange.guard.backend_SSL = true

and move the exisiting settings under paragraph

+# The connection between the load balanced frontend (proxy_http or other) is by default
+# also set to HTTP. If the backend is going to be seperate from the frontend, you
+# may wish to set the Guard Backend to use SSL. You need to import keys into the
+# java keystore using keytool, then apply information here
+# com.openexchange.guard.useSSL=true
+# com.openexchange.guard.SSLPort = 8443
+# com.openexchange.guard.SSLKeyStore =//keystore location//
+# com.openexchange.guard.SSLKeyName = //alias name here//
+# com.openexchange.guard.SSLKeyPass = //ssl password//