IDBasedFileAccess is enhanced with the following method:

* Gets a value indicating whether a specific account supports one or more capabilities.
* @param serviceID The service identifier for the account to query the capabilities for
* @param accountID The account identifier for the account to query the capabilities for
* @param capabilities The capabilities to check
* @return <code>true</code> if all capabilities are supported, <code>false</code>, otherwise
* @throws OXException If operation fails
boolean supports(String serviceID, String accountID, FileStorageCapability...capabilities) throws OXException;

Currently, the following capabilities may be queried:

- Support for sequence numbers of files and folders: SEQUENCE_NUMBERS
- Support for saving files without creating a new version: IGNORABLE_VERSION
- Support for storing multiple versions of a document: FILE_VERSIONS
- Support for reading and writing files at specific offsets: RANDOM_FILE_ACCESS
- Support for searching files by advanced search terms: SEARCH_BY_TERM
- Support for E-Tags of folders: FOLDER_ETAGS
- Support for recursive E-Tags of folders: RECURSIVE_FOLDER_ETAGS
- Support for thumbnail images of files: THUMBNAIL_IMAGES
- Support for persistent folder- and file-IDs, i.e. identifiers don't change during rename operations: PERSISTENT_IDS

This obsoletes the previously used marker interfaces IDBasedIgnorableVersionFileAccess, IDBasedRandomFileAccess, IDBasedETagProvider and IDBasedSequenceNumberProvider, whose methods have been moved towards IDBasedFileAccess itself.