To control the number of days deleted files and folders are kept in the trash folder until they are finally deleted, the property com.openexchange.infostore.trash.retentionDays is introduced. Clients are able to get / set the configured value via the preference path io.ox/files//trashRetentionDays.

The following property is added to the configuration file:

# Specifies how many days items are kept in the trash folder until they are
# finally deleted. Cleanup is triggered during user login. A value equal to or
# smaller 0 disables automatic cleanup for items in the trash folder.
# The default value configured here takes effect on server granularity, but
# can be overwritten for sets of contexts, single contexts and single users.
# See for more
# information.
# Depending on the protected flag of the corresponding preference path,
# users are able to change their configured value on their own. This can be
# adjusted via /meta/infostore.yml .
# Defaults to -1.

Additionally, a new config file infostore.yml is added in the /meta configuration subdirectory, containing the following mappings:

preferencePath: io.ox/files//trashRetentionDays

protected: false