The create method is changed to accept four parameters:

<xs:element name=create>
<xs:element minOccurs=0 name=ctx nillable=true type=ns1:Context/>
<xs:element minOccurs=0 name=admin_user nillable=true type=ns1:User/>
<xs:element minOccurs=0 name=auth nillable=true type=ns2:Credentials/>
<xs:element minOccurs=0 name=schema_select_strategy nillable=true type=ns1:SchemaSelectStrategy/>

The new type SchemaSelectStrategy reflects the three ways how a schema for a new context is determined:
1. automatic (old behavior; schema gets created/selected on-demand)
2. in-memory (pre-filling an in-memory cache that can be used to determine the next suitable existing schema)
3. schema name (the specific schema name is given)

<xs:complexType name=SchemaSelectStrategy>
<xs:element minOccurs=0 name=schema_name nillable=true type=xs:string/>
<xs:element minOccurs=0 name=strategy nillable=true type=xs:string/>

Either schema_name is set or strategy is set to automatic (default) or in-memory.