A new property 'com.openexchange.saml.enableAutoLogin' with default 'false' was added to 'saml.properties':

# It is possible to enable a special kind of auto login mechanism that allows user agents to
# re-use an existing OX session if it was created during the same browser session. If enabled,
# a special cookie will be set, which is linked to the OX session and bound to the browser sessions
# life time. The advantage of this mechanism is, that sessions are simply re-entered if the user
# refreshes his browser window. He is then also able to open more than one tab of OX App Suite
# at the same time. This mechanism can only re-use sticky sessions, i.e. it is mandatory that the
# requests are always routed to the same backend for a certain session.
# Enabling this setting is not compliant to the SAML specification as it bypasses the IdP in
# certain cases. Additionally in scenarios where a public device is used, a foreign user might
# take over a formerly authenticated users session if that user forgets to log out and doesn't
# close his web browser (even if he closes the App Suite tab). As no login screen is displayed
# by OX in SAML environments, the user is even not able to decide, whether the application shall
# remember him or not.
# Default: false
com.openexchange.saml.enableAutoLogin = false