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    Question [SOLVED] WebDAV large files won't upload


    I have setup my OX App Suite 7.8.0 server and i tried to upload files using WebDAV. When I try to upload large files they come with 0 bytes after the upload finishes. Smaller files are okay.

    I have set up MAX_UPLOAD_FILE to be 0 so there is no limit, the quotas for the context and file storage are also a few TB and the file I'm uploading is a 100-300 MBs.

    Any configuration I'm missing?

    I tried both Windows, Linux and OS X.

    If I upload the same file from the browser interface its successful.
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    After testing with different file sizes, I found out the limit was around 100, so I searched the forum to see if anybody had any problems with 100mb or more file uploads.

    I found this topic:


    which pointed out that I have another variable to change:


    in order to remove the upload limit on WebDAV.


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