Because Jetty has been removed as servlet-container, the Guard guest reader is now directly served by Apache. In addition the guest reader is packaged in it's own separate package in order to be more flexible regarding the installation target machine.

By default the guest reader is installed under guard/reader within the Apache directory (for example /var/www/guard/reader).

This requires additional configuration in Apache for accessing the guest reader.

For example:

Alias /appsuite/api/oxguard/reader /var/www/guard/reader
<Directory /var/www/guard/reader>
Require all granted

The default value of the ReaderPath property (com.openexchange.guard.externalReaderPath) changes to in order to reflect the new location of the guest reader.

The old Guard API endpoint for serving the guest-reader is still valid (for accessing guest-emails using older links) but does now just perform a redirect (301) to the new reader location (set by com.openexchange.guard.externalReaderPath).

In addition the guard location (by default /appsuite/api), must be specified in the Guest reader's configuration file /reader/config/config.js.