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    Oct 2011

    Default weird behaviour of user groups....

    hi every1,
    i am not sure, if i got the idea of the user groups right....

    i want to create user groups to manage my shared addressbooks and calendars.

    so i create a group called group1
    members are user1, user2 and user3.

    then i lock in as user4. as user4 i should not be seeing the shared addressbooks and other shared stuff by group1 (right?). then i navigate to settings-groups (still as user4). i can now edit the group1 and make myself a member (as user4, who is not a member of group1 by that time!!!). after saving the edited group1 i can see the addressbooks, etc....

    am i making anything wrong or is that behaviour right?

    thanks for anyhelp......

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    Sep 2007


    Any user with the editgroup permission in the same context can manage the groups. There is no further security level. Have one trusted user to manage groups and don't give the others the permission.


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