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deleted documents ar still shown in ox text "new documents"

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  • deleted documents ar still shown in ox text "new documents"

    hi all,
    if i create a new textfile in ox text and then delete the file in ox drive as well in trash of ox drive, the file ist still shown in ox documents under "new documents". If I want to open the previously deleted file in ox text i'm getting of course the error message "can't open" . It seems to me a bug in ox text, or is there a other way to purge the filenames in ox text "New Documents"?

    Thanks peter

    Version der Benutzeroberfläche: 7.6.0 Rev10
    Server-Version: 7.6.0-Rev13
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    Sounds like a bug.
    Do you care to enter it yourself into ?
    (Or if you have a support contract, contact support about the issue.)


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      thanks for reply wolfgang, created a bug report : Bug 34084


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        It was marked as duplicate to a bug which was reported only slightly earlier.
        I guess this other bug is not visible in public so basically "it's being worked on".


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          in the meantime i upgraded to ox 7.6.1 and this bug still exists, can someone confirm this. thanks peter