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OX Calendar - Event on multiple calendars

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  • OX Calendar - Event on multiple calendars

    Good afternoon,

    I was wondering if any one knew if it was possible to have an event show up on multiple calendars.

    My office uses a shared Room Booking calendar, but some teams also have private calendars used for tracking meetings and deadlines.

    Currently if they plan a meeting, they have the book the room on the Room Booking calendar, so everyone else can see it. If they want to show this in their team calendar as well, they have to make a second appointment (not booking the room resource though, as it would show a conflict.)

    Is there no way to make an event appear on multiple calendars?

    (Bonus: Is there any way to disable event notifications... Currently everyone invited to an event is notified anytime someone else accepts the invite. We feel like only the event creator should be getting those notifications.)