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  • have some problem with language


    when an OXchange imap account is add to a client like Outlook in italian language, some folders are in incorrect language (German):

    Papierkorb -----> Cestino (recycle bin)
    Gesendete Objekte -----> Posta Inviata (sent items)
    Entwürfe -----> Bozze (Drafts)
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    1 UP for this.

    I use an UCS server with OX installed and all email client has the German folders instead of English (Sent Items, Drafts, Thrash..)
    The language is OK on the OX AppSuite webmail UI only the cliets has this issue
    Is there any settings in OX to set default folder names?




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      OK, the solution is to edit the /etc/dovecot/conf.d/15-mailboxes.conf file (or search for string "Gesendete"). Modify every German text to English solved my issue.
      Of course I had to recreate the users to take effect of this. I'm just starting this service so it is not a big deal for me. If you have many existing users, try to rename the folder at /var/spool/dovecot/private/domainname/username/Maildir/

      I hope it helps.


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        The question is not that easy to answer.
        In case the IMAP server tells OX what the special-use folders are, OX just uses them w/o modifying anything.

        If the IMAP server does not specify that OX will create default folders according to the user locale as provisioned and specified in /opt/open-xchange/etc/

        There are the folder names as they are created from OX by default (unless special-use folders are tagged). The OX UI will translate them to the UI language again though. But for other IMAP clients they might appear in the original language as they are created in IMAP.