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Event Invitation - How to disable Prefix in Subject

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  • Event Invitation - How to disable Prefix in Subject

    If i send out a Event Invitation to other People, the Subject of this Event has the Prefix "New Event:". If the Recipient accepts such a Invitation, the Event is added to his Calender with this Prefix as "New Event: Eventname". How could i get rid of this Prefix?

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    I have done several Tests regarding this issue. Every time i make a new Appointment and add some participants, the participants get not the original subject of the appointment. there is always a prefix with "New Appointment: <OriginalSubject>". How can i get rid of this silly Prefix? Is there a way to fix this somewhere?

    Additionally, if i send Meeting Invitations from a Smartphone Client via EAS (Android / Nine), the Invitations is send twice. One with the silly Prefix "New Appointment" and one with the normal Subject of the Appointment. However, if i use the WebGUI or Outlook via Oxtender or the Windows 10 Mailapp, i send only one Mail, but also with the stupid Prefix "New Appointment".


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      I just finished doing tests with recurring events that kept generating notifications to external participants. I noticed that there is an interoperability problem with users of Office365 ( - you can get a free account), probably with that system generating broken iCalendar files.

      The same event on Gmail/Google Calendar appears with "New Event: my event subject" in the email subject, but in the calendar it is loaded with the correct "my event subject". Also Yahoo works correctly.

      So, @bilbo_b, can you say that your observations concern external participants that are hosted on the same platform? And exclude other hosting providers, as I did?