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  • Bug in Calendar?

    When there are several events on the same day - we have the problem that the owner of the calendar cannot access the items anymore (shared calendar seems to work): the event information pop-up is broken (does not appear) and if you click very fast it might appear or change events (e.g. moves a event to previous date that was not clicked at).

    No matter which computer + browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) you use.

    I could also send screen shots if that might help.

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    Bug report when clicking on calendar view with the related user:

    1. 30.01.2019 08:43 GMT
    Der angeforderte Ordner wurde nicht gefunden. (CAL-4045, 1287140177-5451)
    2. 30.01.2019 08:43 GMT
    Der angeforderte Ordner wurde nicht gefunden. (CAL-4045, 1287140177-5471)
    3. 30.01.2019 08:43 GMT
    Der angeforderte Ordner wurde nicht gefunden. (CAL-4045, 1287140177-5487)
    4. 30.01.2019 08:44 GMT
    Der angeforderte Ordner wurde nicht gefunden. (CAL-4045, 1287140177-5527)


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      When I click on the problem items right right mouse button and then press the return key - item opens... but not with left click.

      The calendar was created with an import from ical - and some items could not be imported (error message on import) - could this be the reasons for the problems?


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        More Bug Reports:

        Der angeforderte Ordner wurde nicht gefunden. (ID: 1287140177-6097 / CAL-4045) 30.1.2019 09:48
        Anfrage-Body ausblenden
        "action": "all",
        "rangeStart": "20190129T230000Z",
        "rangeEnd": "20190227T230000Z",
        "fields": "lastModified,color,createdBy,endDate,flags,folder ,id,location,recurrenceId,rrule,seriesId,startDate ,summary,timestamp,transp",
        "order": "asc",
        "sort": "startDate",
        "expand": true,
        "session": "fb1973bfd7f14d9994e42a42128df618"

        Anfrage-Body ausblenden
        "action": "get",
        "altNames": true,
        "id": "cal://0/730",
        "timezone": "UTC",
        "tree": 1,
        "session": "fb1973bfd7f14d9994e42a42128df618"

        1287140177-8562 / CAL-4090) 30.1.2019 09:56
        /appsuite/api/import?action=ICAL&folder=cal%3A//0/731&ignoreUIDs&session=fb1973bfd7f14d9994e42a42128 df618
        Anfrage-Body ausblenden
        "action": "ICAL",
        "folder": "cal://0/731",
        "session": "fb1973bfd7f14d9994e42a42128df618"


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          Hint for everyone with the same problem: using a user agent switcher in your browser masking as Ipad solves the problem.

          There MUST be bu with the default PC browser style: the problem also only happens with weekdays (week view) >= wednesday..


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            After activating the stack trace on error I could find the reason and solve it by manipulating the SQL database....

            Reason was: Deletion of multiple calendars failed: the events and reminders aso where not deletet, but the folder/calendar was..

            Solution: I deleted the events etc. pointing to the deleted folder

            Original reason might have been: Calendar import from google calendar: google does not create uniqe UIDs (I guess they hate everyone who exports there calendars...) - Open xchange does not create new UIDs on import (but it SHOULD DO THIS!!!!) therefore you might have broken calendars after import which do not conain every event and even worse: you cannot savely delete them...