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    I'm using OX 7.10.6. When a user tries to accept an invitation or tries to add an attachment to an event the Error "Attachment cannot be saved. File store limit is exceeded." is shown. Same issues if someone tries to add an attachment to a task. In I set MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE=52428800, in I set MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE=-1.
    Adding attachments to mails works seamless. Any idea towards a solution will be highly appreciated.
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    Today I was able to resolve that issue by setting a quota for every user via command line
    sudo /opt/open-xchange/sbin/changeuser -c 1 -A adminName -P adminPassword -u userName -q 10024


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      This is a bit surprising though.
      PIM attachments typically end up in the context filestore and therefore the relevant quota value is the one you would change via changecontext


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        It is indeed surprising. The effect didn't last. Today I had the same problem. My first try was to change the context-wide quota. But when I try

        sudo /opt/open-xchange/sbin/changecontext -A oxadminmaster -P Password -c 1 -q 100024 I get an error-message:
        context 1 could not be changed:
        Server response:
        Unable to load available restrictions from database; exceptionId 1526091187-6; exceptionId 1526091187-8; exceptionId 1526091187-10

        followed by several java error messages.

        Do you have any suggestions for me?