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Getting project module to work

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  • Getting project module to work


    Project functionality for tasks does not appear in the OX interface. Only plain task ability with no way to group or categorize tasks (besides tags and flags, which alone, aren't enough).

    When provisioning the context, the parameter "--access-combination-name=all" was included. As an attempted fix, also enabled the projects module explicitly for each user, to no avail. Everything else seems to be working fine.

    Scouring this forum found mention of task project functionality, but nothing on how to get it working.
    If project functionality no longer exists, are there other methods of task organization - subtasks under a given task, task categories, etc?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, as this is currently a major drawback.

    OX was installed by following the instructions at

    OX Version : 6.16.1 Rev3 ( 2010-04-23 11:06:42 )

    running on Linux OpenSuse 11.2

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    the projects module is not implemented with OX6.



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      Any decent chance it will return in a later release? Are there any features besides tags and flags, that address task organization or categorization? This type of functionality was a substantial piece of criteria for choosing OX over other groupware.

      Thanks for your reply


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        I don't think that feature will come back in predictable time, sorry. Some people have built a project tool which integrates with OX, you might check here:



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          What is the last version that supported the project module? Is it still available for download?

          Thank you


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            The last version which supported the projects module was OX5. It's EOL and unsupported since spring 2010. Since we started OX6 in 2006, there are not much documentation or download sites available. But you may still find it somewhere on the web. However, keep in mind that OX5 is heavily outdated and does not work on current operating systems.