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Password reset commandline and ical

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  • Password reset commandline and ical

    Hi OX Community

    I have to reset all the user account passwords on our OX4 and create a new random password for each user account.
    Is there a way doing this with commands. I don't want to change all the password within the GUI.

    Also I need to activate the webDAV ical interface. At the moment I can access the documents with webDAV, but not the calendar.

    I hope I posted in the right thread. Any hints or help would be appreciated .


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    Originally posted by migratorX View Post
    Hi OX Community

    I have to reset all the user account passwords on our OX4 and create a new random password for each user account.
    Is there a way doing this with commands. I don't want to change all the password within the GUI.
    /opt/open-xchange/sbin/changeuser -h
    Usage: changeuser
     -h,--help                                         Prints a help text
        --environment                                  Show info about commandline environment
        --nonl                                         Remove all newlines (\n) from output
        --extendedoptions                              Set this if you want to see all options, use this instead of help option
     -c,--contextid <contextid>                      * The id of the context
     -A,--adminuser <adminuser>                      ? Admin username
     -P,--adminpass <adminpass>                      ? Admin password
     -i,--userid <userid>                            | Id of the user
     -u,--username <username>                        | Username of the user
     -d,--displayname <displayname>                    Display name of the user
     -g,--givenname <givenname>                        Given name for the user
     -s,--surname <surname>                            Sur name for the user
     -p,--password <password>                          Password for the user
     -e,--email <email>                                Primary mail address
     -l,--language <language>                          Language for the user (de_DE,en_US)
     -t,--timezone <timezone>                          Timezone of the user (Europe/Berlin)
     -x,--department <department>                      Department of the user
     -z,--company <company>                            Company of the user
     -a,--aliases <aliases>                            Email aliases of the user
        --access-combination-name <access-combination-name>  Access combination name
        --addguipreferences <addguipreferences>        Add a GUI setting (key=value)
        --removeguipreferences <removeguipreferences>  Remove a GUI setting


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      Oh perfect. Thank you so much.

      now I can write a shell script...

      about the ical and webdav function? does someone have any suggestions?
      I am actually looking for a possibility to import the calendar in a exchange 2007 mail box. because I have to do a migration from open-xchange to exchange 2007 and its quite a pain to import the addessbooks and the calendar entries into the exchange mailbox.


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        oh and another question refering to answer 2

        When I have a look at the command options I am a little confused about which flags are mandatory and how I can select a user account.

        I can't test the script because at the moment I don't have access to the server. but I want to create it allready.

        do I need to specify the conntextid? (what is this)
        then I assume that I have to use the admin flag (user and pw)

        so my command looks like this:

        changeuser -A myadminuser -P Pa$$w0rd -u givenname.surname -p randPW232

        I assume that if I leaf blank the other flags the data remains the same.

        Can anyone please tell me if my command could work?


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          Any suggestions for my last post? I would appreciate your help with that.

          is this command able to change the users password, but leaving the other user information intact?
          changeuser -A myadminuser -P Pa$$w0rd -u givenname.surname -p randPW232

          I have to do this for a lot of users so I will use a CSV File containing username and password. A while loop should execute now this command N-times.

          I have something like that in mind:
          while read I ; do
              echo "====================="
                  USRNAME=`echo $I | cut -d"," -f1`
                  USRPW=`echo $I | cut -d"," -f2`
                  CONCAT=" -A myadminuser -P Pa$$w0rd -u "$USRNAME" -p "$USRPW
                  MYCMD=changeuser" "$CONCAT
                       echo $MYCMD
                  exec $MYCMD &
                   done < "usrpwlist.csv"


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            Any help on that?

            The responsible administrator for the OX4 server told me, that there is no such command (changeuser) and he doesn't have that folder mentioned above. I am wondering if the changeuser command is available with OX4 or does it have another name?

            Thanks for any inputs, time is short and I am a little lost...


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              There's no such software called OX4.

              There's OX5 and OX6.

              OX6 latest service pack level is SP4 (SP5 currently in Beta).

              All OX6 versions have a changeuser command.


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                I think there is a version 4 of open-xchange. Its a SUSE OPENXCHANGE SERVER. I don't know if it is called OX4. It is a old system and was never upgraded...


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                  You are talking about SuSE Linux Openexchange Server 4. That was a successor of Open-Xchange Server 5.
                  Changing a password on that system does only work using the webfrontend AFAIR or using an ldap browser/ldapmodify and change it on the commandline.

                  Anyway, that product was a SuSE/Novell product and is no longer maintained and supported at least not here in this forum, sorry.


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                    Ok I understand.

                    I know this version is to old to be supported. Anyway I appreciate your help.
                    Now I know, that I have to programm a script that is able to handle a webfrontEnd. I will do this with Selenium.

                    The other thing with ldap you mentioned is maybe interessting, but I have no clue what it is and how I could set those commands. Because it would be much easier and safer to use commandlines than browser scripting...
                    Maybe you could give me there another hint.