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moving private contact bug?

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  • moving private contact bug?

    i created a new contact within my private contacs and set the hook for: Type: "Private contact" at the bottom. then i move this contact into another addressbook within the "public folder (a adderessbook where i have write privileges but ohters too). maybe i should not even be able to move it there since it is a private contact - anyway.
    now, if i try to move it back to the original folder(private contacts) or if i try to edit this contact - anny action is denied with:

    Error: Unable to move this contact because it is marked as private: Context 1 Object ...

    so it seems that it should not have been copied there in the first way. so there is no ohter possibility left (except messing around in the database) than deleting this contact.

    is anybody able th confirm this behavior? as i am a newbie: do you think it is worht being reported as a bug?

    thanx, best regards; mnu.

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    moving private objects to a public folder is denied by intention. Could you please tell the OX version you're running? For me it works with the latest one.



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      Build: 6.8.0-6802

      i used the stable packages for debian etch from the open-xchange repository.
      sorry i forgot to add this information;

      best regards -


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        Same Problem

        A quick test on a Ubuntu 8.04 LTS running OX Build: 6.8.1-6811, 2009-03-23 14:26:41 showd exact the same problem. Last chance to get out: deleting the privat contact in the public folder


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          Confirming this issue with 6.8, it has already been fixed with 6.10 which will be the next major release.

          Thanks for reporting!