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  • Calendar Synchronisaton possibilities...

    Hi there,

    I'm new to open-xchange - well... partly... We used to have a SLOX4.1 Server some years ago in my old Company.

    I'd like to set up an open-xchange Server für one of our customers (6 Employees but with plans to grow). They seem quite happy with the range of functions, however, there's one feature they asked me about.

    Let's say, they only use the Web-based gui for a start. Every Employee has his/her own calendar where all of the Employee's Appointments will be stored. But they also need one calendar which is visible for all Employees.

    Is there any sync functionality in open-xchange, that does automatic synchronisatons between the Employees Calendars and this public calendar?

    If so, is there any possibility to mark an Appointment as private, which means: it's shown in the private Calendar with the full record and in the public calendar with a hidden record like "private"?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Tom,

    i'm not sure if i understand what exactly you want to achieve. You can create public calendars (Right-click at "Public Folder" -> "New" -> "Calendar") and assign read/write permissions to all users or groups of users (Right-click at the folder "Properties" -> "Rights"). Personal calendars can also be shared to other users if it is required. Appointments that are marked as "private" are not shown in shared folders, except the timerange and for conflict checking, but no details are disclosed.