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    Hello community

    we are using ox 7.10.6 on a debian 10 server. All modules work perfectly well, but we experienced issues with cldav and carddav on mobile phones. We tried DAVX5 and OX Sync but we are not able to get a working connection. With vdirsyncer we can sync all calendars and adressbooks on https;//ourserver,net/servlet/dav. The moble apps report an error message. The method PROPFIND is not allowed on
    Can anybody direct us to a working solution?

    Update: vdirsyncer needs the complete paths, for example https;//ourserver,net/servlet/dav/carddav/54/ to successfully synchronize. DAVX5 finds all calendars and addressbooks under https;//ourserver,net/servlet/dav, but synchronization shows no results.
    The apache settings are according to the technical documentation on CalDAV and CardDAV chapter 2.2, with one exception: to make vdirsyncer working we added redirections to default-ssl.conf and 000-default.conf:
    Redirect /caldav /servlet/dav/caldav
    Redirect /carddav /servlet/dav/carddav

    Any suggestions?

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