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    I'm learning how to add a new plugin in te configuration in Ox6, but I'm having problems trying to add a new tab in a leaft node, I want to put two pages, each one in diferent tab but in the same leaf node. I read the api but I can't understand how.

    Please any help it's helpfull.


    Ps: I don't know where put this question.

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    Take a look at the classes ox.Configuration.Tabs and ox.Configuration.Tab.

    You will need a recent GUI source. The documentation can be either build to HTML by executing "ant jsdoc" from the top source directory, or looked up in the source code directly in the file js/configuration.js.


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      First of all thanks.

      I install Eclipse (galileo) and download the GUI source but I can't find the ox.Configuration.Tab, I already look in the configuration.js. but can't find either.

      The source it's from the branch 6_18_2, besides the source throw me a lot of errors.
      I'm really loss here, please any advice?


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        The classes were introduced in version 6.20.


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          Thanks for the answer, but went a try to update to the 6.20 branch I can't connect to the server.
          Error while loading project set, reason: Could not connect to: Cannot locate host:

          I had no problems with the 6.18.2 version.

          I still can't find the ox.Configuration.Tabs .

          My idea it's create a interface inside the tree, in the Configuration section, I think in a leaf node create a interface whit two tabs or modify the User leaf node whit a new tab to create a user.

          Please I'm reading the code of the open-xchange but I'm still very loss.

          Thanks in advance.
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            This sounds like you checked out server code. The CVS command to check out the GUI code is:
            cvs -d co open-xchange-gui
            If you want to run your plugin in 6.18, then you can copy the class definitions from js/configuration.js into your plugin. Don't forget to either remove them when you upgrade your OX to 6.20+ or to check if the classes exist at runtime before overwriting them.


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              Thanks for the answer.
              First try whit not luck but I think I make it work.

              Thanks Viktor Pracht