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  • OX + KDE Addressbook


    I have some problems using the CardDAV resource of OX in KDE. After adding OX as a DAV Resource in Akonadi, I can access all contacts and calendars in KOrganizer / KAddressbook. Unfortunately the contacts in KAddressbook are some kind of broken: Every text-field (e.g. name, mail addresses, but not phone numbers) has an extra trailing white-space character. After searching around a bit, it seems that this extra-character is a carriage return (\r). To make it worse: Saving a contact in KAddressbook syncs the extra-character back to OX.

    My guess is that OX is using Windows-style line endings in the CardDAV interface and the Akonadi resource can't handle this. I don't know what's the standard line ending for CardDAV and where the incompatibility is?

    Does anyone know, how I can work around this? Is there a configuration option in OX to change the default line ending for DAV resources?

    My OX installation is on a Debian jessie machine running on OpenJDK (IcedTea 2.6.6). My client machine is Ubuntu 16.04

    Thanks in advance!

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    Same installation, same problem... :-/


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      @MatteoC: Unfortunately I didn't find a solution so far. As a workaround I switched to Thunderbird + Lightning + Cardbook - not only because of this issue here but also because of several other issues concerning KMail.

      You can find Cardbook here:

      Note that the support for OX in Cardbook is not perfect. I also think that sometimes mail addresses or phone numbers get lost - I'm still evaluating this. Especially editing existing contacts is not very good. For me, it's ok to view my contacts and editing them in OX.