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no email and what about plesk?

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  • no email and what about plesk?


    finally, I got openXchange running.
    But when I login, the email-button in the navigation is without any function. The rest works fine. What is missing or wrong? What has to be configured?

    I'm am running the latest oPenXchange-version on Ubuntu8.04 with plesk 9.0.
    I read that I could use plesk to configure openXchange but I can't find any documents telling me how.

    thanks for any help

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    Hi Tim,

    seems like the connection with your IMAP Server is not working, could you please post the outputs of the open-xchange logfile while a user logs in?



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      here is the logfile. I just skimmed through it and there are MANY messages...

      thanks for your help
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        the ox logfile does not only contain error messages but also status and success reports, thats normal. The key error shown at the logfile is:

        MSG-1001 Category=3 Message=Wrong or missing login data to access server exceptionID=-133218362-3

        which simply means that OX cannot login to the IMAP server on localhost, could you please check if there is any imap server running ("telnet localhost 143") and if user accounts with mailboxes are already present? OX itself does not ship a E-Mail server, we behave like a ordinary E-Mail client and depend of an mailserver, either a local one - or a mailserver at your ISP. You can change the address of the imap/smtp server by using --imapserver/--smtpserver at the change/createuser commandline tools and specify the users login name at the e-mail system via --imaplogin. The password of the mailbox must be equal to the users ox password.



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          there is an IMAP-server running (courier) on the same server and i can access it with telnet. But not login... I created that user in plesk... I guess it is not a very reliable tool.

          By the way, plesk creates vhosts. I had to move the ox6-folder from /var/www to /var/www/vhosts/default/htdocs/ox6. Could it be that this vhost and seperating differen domains causes problems that a newby like me cannot handle?

          and do you know if you can control open-xchange with plesk pannel 9.0 ?