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  • OX6+cyrus+postfix+MySQL

    Hello smart people.

    Can anyone tell me, how to install and CONFIGURE cyrus, postfix and MySQL so it can work with new OX6.

    If I would start my project in November, it would be done in few hours. At that time were good step by step instructions how to install OX5 on Debian (or Ubuntu). Even it was a script written by Martin to install Ox and all components to make a functional mail server.
    But I started my project in March, right after new OX6 has been released and new Debian came up. Since then I can not get functional mail server. I did probably 12 different installs of Debian and Ubuntu of different versions, trying to make it work.
    Old step by step instructions doesn't work anymore. They been deleted from this site, but you still can find them in Google cache.
    Renaming ox database to oxdatabese6 in config files is not a problem. Missing domains table is a problem. Database structure of OX6 is waaaaaaayyyyyyyy different comparing to previous version.
    The best I was able to do is have all component installed (OX6, cyrus, postfix, apache, MySql), everything is running. And here is a most popular part: mail folder is not available in OX. Every 3rd post in this forum is about this problem.

    Can someone post installation and configuration instructions?
    I will very appreciate that, and many other users as well.


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    Hi Igor,

    Carsten Hoeger has written a guide for SLES11:

    The problem with providing a guide for mail servers is, that maintaining a mail server requires administration skills it's nothing one should do with a few scripts and without understanding how the system works. That would be a potential security issue and/or open relay server. There are many guides about setting up popular imap and smtp servers.

    The comment about the modified database schema since 6.4 is valid but software changes over time, often for the better. You only need to integrate all those components if you want to authenticate mail users against the ox database, another possibility is authenticating against ldap or a simple passwd backend. Please keep in mind that Open-Xchange is a groupware, NOT a mailserver. I know that every 3rd post in this forum is about missing IMAP connectivity and i have answered many of those postings.

    1. Set up a IMAP and a SMTP service
    2. Add user mailboxes to the IMAP service
    3. Configure an OX account to use the IMAP service
    --imapserver <ip of the imap server>
    --smtpserver <ip of the smtp server>
    --imaplogin <name of the mailbox login name>
    OX user password must be equal to the mailbox password.

    Please check network captures of port 143 at the IMAP server to see what values are used at the LOGIN command for IMAP.