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Hypérion with Oxtender 4.2.11 and Outlook 2003 crash

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  • Hypérion with Oxtender 4.2.11 and Outlook 2003 crash

    hi everyone,
    I am testing my up-to-date test plateform with the outlook connector Oxtender 4.2.11.
    As soon as I launch outlook 2003, its stays frozen.
    Any idea ? Thanks in advance.

    No problem with groupware, or user autentication.
    Here is the debug of oxtender :


    14:49:12 Enable debug logging.
    14:49:12 Enable hint logging.
    14:49:12 Here we go! Starting now.
    14:49:12 OXlook Version is: "4.2.11"
    14:49:12 Working with timezone: (GMT+01:00) Bruxelles, Copenhague, Madrid, Paris
    14:49:12 Working with outlook version:
    14:49:12 Go next step.
    14:49:12 add commandbar.
    14:49:12 done with commandbar.
    14:49:13 Hook in.
    14:49:13 Refreshing Free/Busy.
    14:49:13 Working with profile "Outlook". Preparing registry.
    14:49:13 Open Registry, create folder.
    14:49:13 Retrieve groupuser items.
    14:49:13 Sending request for groupuser ...lastsync: 0
    14:49:13 Response gu: 207
    14:49:13 Delete all old entries.
    14:49:13 Populate groupuser in ini file.
    14:49:13 Starting parsing xml.
    14:49:13 Start XML parsing. Got="8" users.

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    The Outlook Connector is available for the Open-Xchange Express Edition only. OXtender 4.x will not work against it either.


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      Thanks for your answer, I have to found something else then.